Monday, April 4, 2011

Mountain Sunset and Icicles--Vickie Henderson

A birding trip to the Great Smoky Mountains to find Ruffed Grouse and Saw-whet owls on territory, netted a spectacular sunset and bone-chilling winds at Clingman's Dome, in the higher elevations.
I expected the temps to be colder in the mountains than down in the valley, but I wasn't expecting 30 plus mph winds, nor a twenty degree drop.  We found snow on the trees, thick masses of icicles dripping down the rock boulders, and a hard blowing wind that threatened to lift you off your feet.

Ah, but the Ruffed Grouse we encountered on our way up the mountain were spectacular, showing us great looks of their beautiful plumage.  Though the wind made certain we would hear no owls, the clear night sky was jam-packed with brilliant stars.  Every bit worth all the shivering!


  1. Burrrr! It sounds like a wonderful experience, but a cold one. Your painting even captures the coolness.

  2. beautiful sketch, love the sunset!

    Found this via google searching for this very subject. I was researching for a squidoo lens I am writing on sketching sunsets and sunrise. Will be back to this blog to take a look at the art on offer. Nice to see artists working together.

  3. I'm envious, Vickie! And what a wonderful sunset...


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