Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hen-and-Chicks II--Vickie Henderson

Time to finish is not always available on the spot so I'm finishing this sketchbook spread of the pot of hen-and-chicks in small increments.
Above I've added larger versions of the rosettes so I could study how their petals overlap.
Next, I used a scrub brush to lift paint and reclaim some of the rim of the pot. I then added the suggestion of rosettes with negative painting--painting the space around the petals.
Above, you see the sketchbook spread as it looks now.   Not quite finished, but making progress.
To see my previous post on this sketch visit, Hen-and-Chicks, and to see more images of the page in progress, visit:  My Brother's Plant and Brother's Plant Part II.


  1. I'm loving how this is turning out, Vickie! Great study...and those colors are wonderful.

  2. Thank you, Cathy. Interruptions can be annoying but they do slow things down and this has been a fun study.

  3. How facinating to see how carefully you work, and yet what is developing is fresh and spontaneous.


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