Sunday, February 27, 2011

Walk in the Park - Lin Frye

Walk in the Park
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Despite the bitterly cold morning, the afternoon turned out to be warm, sunshiney and beautiful! We took the opportunity to walk around the local park - and already there were practice games of baseball filling the fields. Granville Athletic Park, one of the few in our county is relatively new - merely a few years old. But one of the most inviting features of the park are the long, fully-paved walking trails around all the playing fields, through a bit of woodland, and over some of the wetlands. The park was built on old farmland so there isn't a lot of woodland activity; still, it's an easy walking place - much easier than our gutted gravel private road.

C's jam is today and we've company for dinner - so it'll be another busy day. The temps are supposed to rather high, so I'll be spending a bit of time harvesting the weeds that are already happily blooming ....

Have a great day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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  1. Absolutely Stunning...Your colors are so beautiful..


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