Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Hardy Pot of 'Hen-and-Chicks'--Vickie Henderson

Today was like an announcement--March is arriving.
I went outside with just long sleeves, no coat, no shivers, just pleasant spring air.  That doesn't mean it was sunny, far from it.  Rain was falling through the downspout, pattering in the tree limbs, and thunder rumbled overhead.  Ah, but the air was so inviting.  And fortunately, my patio has a deck over it, so I can sit outside and stay dry even on a day like today.
Each time I stepped outside, this pot of hen-and-chicks caught my attention, primarily because it is so hardy.  Despite the harsh winter, it perked up as soon as the days turned warmer and the gentle rains freshened it.  Today, it pulled at me to sketch it.  
My small kit has not received much use this winter and I was happy to again be practicing.  It required some trial and error to moisten the pans enough to create juicy puddles of paint.  Once accomplished, I followed a rough pencil sketch to paint wet into wet and create the watercolor sketch you see here.  
This is where I stopped for the day.  I think that blank page is beckoning me to create a more detailed sketch of a rosette.  Then I'll see what happens next.  

To read the story of how this plant touched me today, visit My Brother's Plant at Vickie's Sketchbook.

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  1. Love the fluidness of the colour. Ah, Can't wait for it to be warm sketching unencumbered by coat weather.


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