Sunday, February 6, 2011

Painted Buckeye by Linda C. Miller

Here is a specimen that my husband brought home from the Golden Horseshoe Golf Course this past September. While at this year's "Art on Levingston Lane" art show here in Williamsburg, I had set up my drafting table and spent just over two hours drawing this interesting specimen.

With the specimen in the studio, I added washes and detail to tell its story. I am a botanical artist who will paint insect scars and decay as I see it; where as botanical illustration is a work where the artist depicts the specimen as a true specimen without the effects of nature, time and weather.

Aesculus sylvatica
Painted Buckeye
Watercolor on Paper
Specimen: Williamsburg, Virginia
Image Size: 8.5 inches high by 12.5 inches wide (partial view)

Happy walking in nature, Linda
Linda C. Miller
Artist, naturalist and instructor
Williamsburg, Virginia


  1. It looks like you spent a WEEK on it, Linda! Beautiful...

    We have a lot of buckeyes in the Midwest, too.

  2. It looks marvellous! Like Kate said, just two hours? It looks a bit like it's done by one of the old botanical masters...

  3. Oh, this is just beautiful! I love the curl of the different leaves and the color and texture of the buckeye. Awesome!

  4. Oh my, this is a beauty, Linda! What a tribute!

  5. I like your style so precise and so light at the same time! Wonderful!


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