Monday, February 7, 2011

Cypress cone ~ Sigrid Frensen

Now that all paintings are finished for the SBA show in London (I framed them yesterday), I wanted to draw something small. And with pencil! After all this time working with the small brushes and watercolours I just had to do a pencil drawing. On my desk I found a small Cypress cone. I found it in Italy last year.
In a few hours I made this small drawing in my sketchbook. I love drawing pine cones and this one was nice too. I think it's because I can go really black in the shadows. I also love the shape of these cones. Anyway, here it is:

Mediterranean Cypress Cone

The drawing is 3,5 x 6 cm.


  1. Beautiful. I can really 'feel' the woody weight of the pine cone with the texture and light. I bet it felt great to use the pencil after all of that painting!

  2. This has wonderful depth and texture, Sigrid.


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