Sunday, February 6, 2011

lemon tree in my garden-concetta flore-italy

Yesterday I allowed my running nose to sit briefly out in the garden, on a glorious sunny day, to try out my recently acquired japanese watercolours. Have you ever tried them? They're sooo different from our own . First, their position in the box looks absolutely random. Second, they're creamy. Thirdly, there seems to be no gum arabic or fixing medium in them, so when you try laying a wash on another, it simply rubs out clean! Although the paper is a very good one.  I insisted, and hurriedly produced a so-so sketch of a branch with unhealthy leaves and two small lemons (it was in a convenient position). I  dedicate its sunlit colours  to all the snowed-in sketchers in US.


  1. Lovely and just what my sniffy nose and achy joints needed on this chilly Pennsylvania day. I've not tried the Japanese watercolors, though I want to. Thank you for a short review of them. Sounds like I need to find some to experiment with.

    GG (Nanina)

  2. I have been paying so much attention to your blog tht I almost missed this little beauty. The Japanese watercolors sound as if they are difficult to work with, but it looks like you have mastered them in fine fashion. This is a very pleasing watercolor sketch...very nice colors and great composition.

  3. Thank you everybody...and keep the colours flying!


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