Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Descanso Gardens

About an hour and a half from our house is the Descanso Gardens. These amazing gardens were the home of Boddy, the editor of the Los Angeles Daily News back in the day! In 1953 he gave the gardens to the city and they later opened it to the public. Along with all the acres of camelias there are rose gardens, a Japanese Tea house and much more to see. Today with the weather perfect we went and enjoyed the day, Randy with his camera, me with my sketchbook. The Camelias were all in bloom littering the walkways in thousands of colorful petals! Here are a few sketches.


  1. What terrific journal pages, Desiree! Descanso Gardens must be truly beautiful.

  2. lovely desiree! wish I could have met up with you there.


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