Sunday, November 28, 2010

View from Sunken Meadows Beach Park - Lin Frye

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Brrrr...... It's cold enough this morning to have frozen the kitties' water outdoors ... Brrrr indeed!

We spent a relaxing day yesterday catching up on chores, picking up a few things here and there including the deer one of my students got for me before the holidays, making some rosemary tea bread for my workshops next week, drying more persimmons, and spending a good amount of time painting. Oh how I had missed that quiet time at the art table! Creating art has become so much a part of my daily habits and quite truthfully, daily needs....

This is a view from the end of the boardwalk from Sunken Meadow Beach Park on Long Island. We walked the boardwalk and around through parts of the woodlands Thanksgiving morning ... covering over 3.5 miles. Though it was cold, we managed to enjoy the sunrise and those wonderful images of sand dunes, snow fences, the 'cliffs' (which we walked earlier that week). Funny - I had been painting marshes and beach scenes the last couple of weeks (I haven't posted those yet) ... and I had been telling C most of the summer that I had wanted to visit the beach. Little did I know that the beach would be in New York! LOL But we got there - and oh how much I enjoyed the walking and the scenery -- as well as my sisters' company!

The view from my home has changed so much in a week. Empty tree branches rise to the cooling sun and when the sun makes it over the woodlands, there are no leaves to disperse the brightness. And yet even with the sun's full shine through my window, the 'heat' of it is gone, and I am left merely with its glow. The cold has arrived ....

Stay warm today!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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