Sunday, November 28, 2010

Swamp Magnolia, Linda C. Miller

Swamp Magnolia, Linda C. Miller
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Here is a piece from The Williamsburg Botanical Garden. I just added the final touches and it will be on exhibit this January at This Century Art Gallery in Williamsburg.

What I love most about painting plant portraits is one-- I learn so much about each plant's morphology and two-- since picking this specimen - I have found five trees growing just off the marsh on the Greensprings Trail that I walk regularly. So its common name is perfect, for its native habitat is a wetland!

Swamp Magnolia
Magnolia virginiana

Watercolor on 300lb paper
Specimen: Williamsburg
Size: 13 inches by 13 inches, partial view

Copyright Linda C. Miller, 2010

Have a wonderful day, Linda
Naturalist, Artist, and Instructor
Williamsburg, Virginia

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  1. It's beautiful, Linda! I'm not surprised you found more, once you were tuned in to them...


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