Saturday, November 6, 2010

birds at the Australian Museum - Alissa Duke

Today was raining in Sydney so I went to the Australian Museum to sketch. These are three birds that I am familiar with - the magpie is a bird that is seen or heard regularly in Australia and here in the city in Sydney.

Australian Magpie

Satin Bowerbird - found on SE Coast of Australia. They are glossy blue/black and build a stick bower on the ground and decorate it with blue found objectes such as plastic pegs, bottle tops , plastic straws etc. I had only seen these birds once or twice in National Parks when growing up. But now, my mother has one that visits her backyard (in a city of 120 000 people) . She leaves blue objects out for him , which he sometimes takes. I think this is very special. We don't know where the bower is.

Regent bowerbird - found in SE Queensland and NE NSW - I have only seen these in the picnic area of one National Park. You used to be able to buy seeds and feed them by hand. I looked on their website and they have a controlled feeding program where the birds come to be fed at specific times, but from feeding trays and not by people.


  1. These sketches are gorgeous Alissa! the Magpie is very reminiscent of our Crows, and I presume, just as naughty and precocious!

  2. Lovely drawings and notes! I too love visiting Natural History museums with my sketching equipment


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