Friday, November 5, 2010

Another Dragonfly -- Autumn Meadowhawk

My husband and I have been taking full advantage of our brief window of opportunity, i.e. sunny days. I sketched this at Lake in the Woods, Douglas County, Oregon.

Here is a different kind of dragonfly, an autumn meadowhawk. I ran my fountain dry working on this and had to add the last few lines after I got home. The full drawing is much taller than it is wide, but I much prefer the sketch cropped.

There is a small pond behind the cattails. By late afternoon most of the water is in dark shadows but the cattails are still in full sun. The dragonflies looked like little jewels flying from one cattail head to another. As soon as clouds hid the sun, all our dragonflies disappeared. Fortunately I was done drawing by then.


  1. I LOVE this sketch! Great composition, linework, and.... it's just generally totally charming!


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