Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Big Honkin' Beetle - Laura Gillis

I haven’t done an insect in a while and this big beetle has been begging me to sketch him for a month or two now. My dear, sweet husband found this big honkin’ beetle and brought it to me back in August and I am just now getting around to sketching him into the Bug Journal. (Believe me, I know just how lucky I am to have a man who will bring me bugs to sketch!)

I had trouble finding this beetle in my books so I turned to the internet... and, after much testing of my patience on my slower-than-Christmas dial-up connection, I have narrowed it down to one of the large longhorn beetles: Order Coleoptera; Family Cerambycidae, sub-family, Prioninae.

He really is a big beetle too -- 55 mm long and 18 mm wide! (That is almost 2.25 inches long and .75 inches wide for us non-scientific American folks.) And with large wicked-looking mandibles on the front of this guy I think a lot of folks might head the other way when they meet him.

It took longer to identify the beetle than it did to sketch it. Ha! But I do feel so much better now knowing what it is.

Ink & watercolor in the Moleskine watercolor journal

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  1. LOVE this, Laura! And you are indeed's good to have your bugs back, and your boundless curiosity.


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