Sunday, July 11, 2010

Harties at Dawn - Maree

“Each time dawn appears, the mystery is there in its entirety.”
- Rene Daumal

watercolour in Ashrad hot-pressed 300gsm sketch-book (8" x 6")

A couple of months ago some friends invited us to spend a night with them at their place at Hartebeespoort Dam in the North-West Province (South Africa), so we drove over on the Sunday. Monday morning I was up early (we were leaving to go back home at about 9am) and did this sketch from their front lawn. The sun hadn't quite appeared yet and a light mist hung over the dam (not that I managed to capture that!) but the air was clear and crisp and I wished that we could have stayed longer...


  1. Thank you Kate. The dam is quite wide at this point.

  2. Beautiful! The quote is so fitting as well.

  3. Love the freshness and positive simple strokes applied in this lovely composition

  4. Thanks ever so much Lois, glad you like it!


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