Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sketching A Patio Lantana--Vickie Henderson

Practice is the way to learn watercolor.  It's the way to learn anything.  I'm typically prowling in nature with a camera in my hand and busy observing, so sketching while in nature is taking some practice.  Practice with sitting still and letting the activity go on while I focus on my subject.
I sketched the Lantana on my patio for practice recently, an easy set up spot and familiar surroundings.  What you see above is my first try.  The pencil sketching part comes fairly easily for me.  I've been drawing since childhood.  Watercolor is more recent.
Outside conditions change, creating an interesting challenge.  Above you see my second attempt, one in which I hoped to capture some of the lightness of those beautiful blossoms.  I was actually happy with both results, very different sketches, but each with something to say.

To see the progression of these sketches visit Vickie's Sketchbook, Seeing a Lantana

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  1. I agree, Vickie, they're both delightful, thank you for posting both of them.


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