Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Pine Cone - Teri Casper

Blooming Pine Cone
Originally uploaded by Teri DC
When we returned to Wisconsin we had a million pine cones all over the yard and they had to be picked up or they wreck the mower. Needless to say we were so sore from raking and burning them that it only seemed appropriate to paint the biggest one I found.
I had a hard time scanning it because I did it on 10x14 inch paper.

After the wind blew and it rained for two days guess what we did again?!!


  1. A beautiful rendition of the cone Teri! I gather some pine cones, tie them to a platform bird feeder and then stuff them with mince, suet and other snacks - the birds just love digging it out!

  2. Its really lovely, what a fantastic idea Maree.


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