Friday, April 23, 2010

Tulip Sketches - Carolyn Pappas

I was gifted some tulips a few weeks ago and I am working on a watercolor painting of them. I've made a lot of preliminary sketches and I'm all ready to start the actual painting, but I'm feeling a little intimidated. As a way to procrastinate, I figured I would get outside to practice some more by drawing some tulips that are still outside. Plus, the time frame for tulips isn't too long and they are one of my favorite flowers. The tulips that I was gifted have already died off, but I've planted the bulbs so they can come up again next year.


  1. I love seeing the varied approaches, Carolyn, and they're beautiful, both of them.

  2. Really beautiful drawings, love the dotted line look, really unusual to see but really effective!


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