Friday, April 23, 2010

Inspired by Phlox - Lin Frye

Inspired by Phlox
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These sweet, incredibly blue/lavender flowers are making their appearance in my secret garden. Their color seems to shimmer against all the greens. This creeping woodland phlox or blue phlox wends its way under the shrubs and trees, and is an absolute spring delight!

Our small secret garden is located by the side of our home between the garage and side door - and is often viewed as we park our cars overnight. The phlox's unique color draws the eye, and the stands of it seem to move from year to year to different areas of this quiet space. I purchased this plant years and years ago, so its botanical name is lost to me, unfortunately, but it seems to be thriving in our moist clay soil in part sun/part shade. I believe it to be a variety of Phlox divaricata ... ( ).

We harvested our first chard, lettuce and beans from the Plant a Row for the Hungry spaces yesterday and delivered just under five pounds of food to the Food Shuttle! The volunteers were so excited --- that many of them went home to plant more vegetables in their own gardens!

I have to admit that I too was smitten - and so today, have a few more plants to find space for in my own vegetable beds!

Hope your day is grand!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. These are absoloutely gorgeous! So fresh and what lovely colours! This must have taken a while - It is so well done. What a talent you have!

  2. tHANK YOU so much for your kindness Sandra ...

  3. Wonderful painting!! And how lovely that you are already donating so much!


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