Monday, April 12, 2010

A Finished Limpkin Sketch--Vickie Henderson

Here is the finished Limpkin sketchbook page that I first introduced in an earlier post, Sketching A Limpkin.

What a fun bird to sketch.  Of course, the fact that the left half of this page spread is light blue meant gouache was the best choice for creating the white tips on these feathers.

A specialist wetland feeder, the Limpkin's main source of food is the Apple Snail and its eggs.  With a bill that is especially adapted for this food source, a Limpkin can extract a snail from its shell in less than 20 seconds!
To see more of the sketching process for this page visit, Sketching A Limpkin at Vickie's Sketchbook.  And to see images and learn more about this bird's interesting habits, visit The Delightful Limpkin and Delightful Limpkin--Part II at Vickie Henderson Art.


  1. This is a gorgeous and informative painting! Love the faint hand holding the shell. You made a winner!

  2. Such a lovely bird! I had never heard of this bird before...thanks for the information!

  3. Beautiful!! And so fun to read about this bird. Love the shells and hand as well.

  4. I love how you designed these pages, and thank you for the links to more info!


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