Monday, March 15, 2010

Poppies are bloomin'

With spring finally here the yard is bursting with color. We are on the garden tour this year and on April 10-11 there will be a steady stream of people walking through our yard. We have been planting and pruning in hopes that we have the timeing correct for maximum bloom during the tour. It is now a waiting game, to see if the weather will cooperate. Today was glorious and I couldn't help but spend a little time drawing these beautiful flowers that come in so many different colors.  Iceland Poppies in sketch book


  1. So fresh and vibrant, you have a way with capturing the Light within the blooms.

  2. Just beautiful and alive with color!!

  3. Absolutely stunning! Poppies are one of my favorite flowers and these are just beautiful! Happy Spring to you and I hope many poppies brighten your days!!

  4. This is gloriously colorful! We're a long way from poppy season here...

  5. This are marvelous. I love all the color and like Kate, we are also a long way from poppy season here in ne New Mexico too. but yours are lovely to long for.
    peace n abundance,


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