Saturday, March 13, 2010

Orange Tulip ~ Sigrid Frensen

Orange TulipIn my last post I said that I don't like tulips. I guess I should have written it a bit different. I like tulips in my garden or in a vase on the table (hey, I am Dutch you know) but I just don't like painting them. I don't like painting flowers in general. Too much showing off their beauty or something.

Sometimes, however, you have to paint other things too. Tulips for me is something new and different. Lots of colour and smooth shapes. It's definitely stepping out of my comfort zone.

Today I painted an orange tulip. Very Dutch, being a tulip and being orange. It was fun. This one was bending over a bit so you could almost look inside. This showed the overlapping petals more than the previous tulip I did. To give the tulip more depth I made the shadow parts really dark. I always like a bit of drama ;)


  1. Lovely Sigrid! It's amazing all the spring flowers and images starting to emerge on the blogs now - I've marked on my calendar that early March is when all my Northern Hemisphere friends start experiencing spring, just as we're slightly entering Autumn here in South Africa now!


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