Monday, March 8, 2010

Marsh - Lin Frye

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Daily Practice

I must say that in real life this painting doesn't look as 'yellow' as on my screen this morning (nor as crooked! LOL - mercy, upload issues this morning! ) ... but the marsh I took so many photos of while in Charleston under incredibly bright blue skies and wonderfully warm sun was a tawny sienna with bits of dark green and burnt sienna, and seemed to flow on for miles.

I'm enamored with marshes lately - and in thinking about why it seems to harken to that cradle of beginnings, the font and flow of life's initiation, the place of birth and rebirth. Perhaps this all means the longing for spring ... the need for renewal, the yearning for that spark that propels one into the world out of winter's slumbering hibernation, with all the stored energy of a season's sleep.

Perhaps ......

Regardless of the why, those marshes with their endless waving grasses, live oaks and clear bright waters were a balm to my spirit, and an antidote to the grey and cold of these past months.

As wondrous as they are, it's still so good to be home...

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Good capture on the marsh! Sounds like you had a lovely and warm time in Charleston!

  2. I loved ur paintings! u r really talented :)


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