Monday, March 8, 2010

Cactus Nest - Teri Casper

Cactus Monday - Cactus Nest
Originally uploaded by Teri DC
I was walking one day and found this Saguaro cactus with a bird nest between the arms. I decided it must be a sparrow nest because it was so messy.
But it was sure fun to paint.
I admit that sometimes I like to get lost in the details like all those little spines.

Happy Cactus Monday everyone.


  1. Teri, you've captured such great dimension and kept it a fun. Wonderful!!

  2. Teri, I really enjoy your cactus series. I hope you will make them all into a book one day! They are so beautiful and your paintings warm me! (I really think you should do a show or a book on them....did I already say that????--I'm saying a few more times! Hint, hint)

  3. Thanks Pam and Nancy. Since I got a Mac last fall I have been considering making a book of cacti. Still in the consideration stage lol.


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