Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pheobe's nest

I saw the post and the link to the hummingbird nest and I had to go and take a look, I am mesmerized with this little bird, battling the elements to raise her only baby. It has a live feed webcam so you can visit anytime during day time hours. During our past rain storms I would go in and see how she was doing. During one of those days I painted her from the computer screen. Here she is Pheobe and her baby sassy.


  1. Phoebe is fascinating, I check in every few days to see her and watch Sassy grow. I completed a color sketch of her, which I posted to my blog. Watching a hummingbird tend her young is a very enjoyable, especially as we have a foot of snow outside our door.

  2. I know, I can't believe how addicted I have become. Its similar to watching grass grow though, not alot of activity! LOL I need to see whats happening, its nice to go in and visit when I get a minute. I sent the link to all my grandkids too.


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