Tuesday, February 2, 2010

More birds! They're hungry!

The birds in these parts got a lot of attention this past weekend. Sketchers sketched them. Photographers photographed them. Everyone fed them. We were snowed in, what can I say?
Birds feeding, snow
Birds hunkering, birds feeding


  1. Whoops, it happened again that the righthand sides got lopped off. Since I was uploading from Flickr, I couldn't follow Debbie's advice from from my last post on changing html specs on this blog. Kate, can you tweak again, please??

  2. I just love the 'feel' of the top sketch with the birds at the feeder. It just seems so full of joy and energy.

  3. I'm not sure how you did these, sweetie...I don't see the height and width measurements so I'm not sure what to tweak! Fooey, I'm sorry!

  4. Ah, there. I used my super-secret decoder ring and fixed it!

  5. Ha! You did, indeed, and thank you. I just used the Flickr medium-sized image. Not sure what to do in the future.
    And thank you, Holly, for your nice comment!


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