Thursday, February 4, 2010

Madrid zoo - part II

It does come late, but this is the second series of sketches I realized at the zoo in Madrid.
Here I saw my first live lungfish, a creature that never ceases to surprise me. Propopterus, African lungfishes, live both in shallow waters, rivers and lakes. Lungfishes are obligate air breathers. If the river bed they inhabit dries up, they can spend months hidden in burrows.

Jumping to the opposite side of the evolutionary scale, a silverback.
With only a 1 to 2% difference between the gorilla's and the human's DNA, these animals are still kept in relatively small enclosures in zoos. So, I sketched him, while he looked at us listening to a talk on the social role of silverbacks...

I kept walking and sketching, delighted at the wonderful answers nature has for every environment and possibility.

Barbara Bacci,


  1. Lovely in style and composition - I would love to see these in person.

  2. Lucky you! Love these pages. Feel like I walked with you :)


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