Monday, January 4, 2010

Another Old Barn - Oxford, NC - Lin Frye

9" x 12" Arches 140# CP

Last week, just as the sun was getting ready to set, C and I drove to see the property that was just cleared and some of the uncovered old farm buildings. Behind the downed trees, scrub and weeds, sat this old barn. The entire site was bathed in the pink glow of sunset, giving an almost dreamlike quality to the scene.

As many farms are abandoned and even more farm buildings lose their purpose, I so hope to capture them in photos and in watercolor before they all return to the good earth. There are several more structures on this same property...but to capture them, I need to walk the area to get around much of the vegetation. Perhaps I'll get a chance when the weather warms.

For now it's single digits and frozen water bowls and the heater running full blast. I return to work today for an all day conference, then all day registration tomorrow. I hope to catch up with everyone later this week.

As grade schools reopen as well, it'll be back to routine ... I wish everyone a safe return and a most warm one!

Lin Frye
North Carolina

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  1. Your watercolor sketches are beatuiful


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