Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow's Hush - Lin Frye

Snow's Hush
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Daily Practice

I love the sound snow makes when it is falling .... the quietness, the hush of this soft blanket transforms the world it touches. The light alters, the ground softens, and the trees and shrubs, cars and fixtures all take on a mysterious shape.

This is a portion of of my woodlands during the early evening of our snowfall. My feet barely made a sound as they broke through the layers of flakes to catch this sight. The beech still clings to its leaves while the oaks and maples, tulip poplars and gum are bare. The rest of the woodlands form a haze in the background, and the beech seems to take center stage in the evening's fading light.

We had a bit more flurries yesterday and our four inches seem meager compared to the storm that pelted the northeast. Still, in my little corner of the world, this winter white is a bit of heaven ...

Stay safe and warm.

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. ...beautiful and peaceful. I love the painting...and the narration as well.

  2. What a beautiful winter scene and I love your description of it. It makes me want to curl up by a fire and admire this scene through the window. Happy Holidays!

  3. Beautiful Lin! With the heat wave we're experiencing currently it's the most inviting thing I've seen for a long time! Feel cooler already!


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