Sunday, December 20, 2009

A hundred roses

Traditions bind people together.
Every year my mother in law, Myriam, would throw a little party on her birthday, and invite her family. We would look forward to it, to spending time together, and catching up on each other's lives.
Myriam had three children, and one "adopted" Japanese son. He couldn't always make the trip over to Italy and join us, but he never failed to send her as many roses as the years she was celebrating.
Sadly, a few years ago Myriam passed away, so close to being a hundred years old, and much too soon. And so, this year her children organized a party to celebrate her and remember her. Who could make it was there. Mike came from Japan. And, there were a hundred gorgeous red roses, for a very special mother.
Happy birthday, Myriam.

Barbara Bacci,

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