Monday, December 21, 2009

Cooley Lake

Toward the farm

It got warm--well, 45 or so--and sunny on Sunday afternoon, so I headed out to the lake to sketch...again...

There were only a few Canada geese in the sky, in the late afternoon, but the light and the long, blue shadows were gorgeous...

It was muzzle-loader hunting season, so I stayed near the lake where I could see miles in every much action!


  1. Beautiful! I love the time of the long shadows :)

  2. wow - fantastic! ... I love the compressed horizon and generous foreground ... excellent sense of place.

  3. Gorgeous Cathy - it shows the warmth of the day, yet expresses the winter season.

  4. Thanks, all...I love that time of day, too, and especially in the winter...

  5. Just beautiful, once again! You can almost feel the air.

  6. Thank you, Ellen! It was lovely, and the last sunny day we've had, I think!


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