Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cold Morning Sun Up - Lin Frye

Cold Morning Sun Up
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Daily Practice

Yesterday morning dawned frigid and dark with a sun almost as cold as the daylight. Before leaving for the hospital, I painted this from my upstairs window - the sun coldly glaring through a break in the clouds, the woodlands and trees midnight blue to deep violet, bits of pink edging the breaks in the trees. BRRRRR.

Mike made it through his surgery very well. The operation took an hour longer than expected, and the surgeon told us his recovery will be longer, more painful as well. Still, when we were finally able to see him in the ICU unit, his color was better than after the last surgery. It took several hours to get his pain meds regulated sufficiently to keep him comfortable enough to rest. His spirits were good, and we left his room for the night a bit more comforted that he would actually rest.

I return to the hospital today. I so remember his first day after surgery two months ago - it was a 'go and fetch,' 'comfort and talk' kind of day, and I wanted to be there for him today as well. As wonderful as our hospital is, and as caring as are the nurses, I firmly believe in patient advocates -- especially the first few days after surgery.

A fierce wintry storm has made its way to our area - it's been raining heavily and gusting winds, thundering and flooding since last night. Often when it thunders during the winter, it predicts snow -- so we'll see. But the ferocity of the storm will make driving very treacherous today - I'm so glad my drive to the hospital is short.

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and kindness ... I am convinced that all of these have made this second surgery successful and have kept and will keep Mike buoyed through another number of weeks of recovery. Blessings and heartfelt thanks.

Stay safe and dry today .....

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Stunning, Lin! Art is wonderful therapy. Prayers are with you all for strength and healing.

  2. Beautiful sketch Lin. My wishes to Mike for a speedy recovery.

  3. Thank you both so much .. he's doing well in recovery .....

  4. Love to you, and to Mike. I'm so glad he's doing better...

  5. Your cold morning sun up captures the feeling of a cold a.m. just beautifully


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