Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Caramel Woodlands - Lin Frye

Caramel Woodlands
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Daily Practice

My computer desk sits across the window with a view of my back woodlands. The sun rises to the far left of this view and as it makes its way across the sky, it beams its rays right into the window as it climbs over the treeline. In the evening, about an hour before it sets, the sun's rays shine through the woods highlighting bits of the tree boles - turning the entire scene into a pot of caramel and butter. What a golden, buttery glow!

I took several photos of this through my window ... the light changing with every second ... and that glow lasting mere minutes. It was a challenge to capture it in paint too .. but fun! It's amazing to me to watch the play of light across a particular location - morning through evening, season through season. The beech leaves are still holding as well as some of the burnt sienna oak leaves throughout these acres.

It's also been a sublime joy to have that elusive TIME to rest, to do those chores it's hard to find time to do ... and most of all ... to paint .. especially more complex scenes like this.

Today it's errand running and more organizing. Yep, it sure feels like I'm moving things from one corner of my house to the other with little 'change.' Oh well, I suppose the exercise is good after the holidays! LOL

Have a great one!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. This is truly lovely Lin - a real warm glow.

  2. Lin, this is beautiful! I love that time of day, too...stained glass light. And I am SO glad you're having a bit more time to rest...

  3. This is just wonderful, Lin! My favorite light too :)

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, so much atmosphere, and the colours, you make me dream


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