Tuesday, November 17, 2009

a visit to Arkansas - Vicky Williamson

Saturday in Arkansas

We spent the weekend visiting friends living at Norfolk Lake in Arkansas. The above sketch is from their backyard; the list is all the birds and animals I saw from their deck in one day --- I was especially excited to see and hear the two pileated woodpeckers talking to each other! Too bad I didn't have a camera or sketchbook in hand at that moment.

on the drive home

Also in the backyard, I sketched this twig with its teeny-tiny cup fungus, still unidentified. The upper two sketches are during the drive home; Jeanette Sclar identified the seed pods as bladdernut.


  1. These sketches are just beautiful Vicky - a wonderful keep-sake of your visit. Love the fungus and the spider!

  2. A perfect page--you get the details, the habitat, the notes...love it!

  3. Wow! a gold star from the teacher? . . . oh, wrong class. *G*


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