Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Rose - Four Years of Blogging - Lin Frye

Today marks four years of daily blogging AND painting. Four and half years ago I decided if I were EVER going to learn to draw and paint, I'd better get started.

There were 3 things my family told me NEVER to do: give directions (still applicable), sing (oh my, VERY applicable), and draw. But how I really wanted to keep one of those watercolor nature journals I loved!

On my bookshelf were all those wonderfully illustrated and written books about nature journaling - especially those by Cathy Johnson. "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain" was a book I had owned since the 1970s!!!! And I still had not opened. But after passing my 50th birthday milestone, I figured if I were EVER going to draw, I'd had better make the plunge.

And so, 4 1/2 years ago, I picked up Betty's book and not only read it, but began the exercises, one by one. Never having art lessons either as a child or as an adult made for a lot of intimidation. I was always writing, but drawing? Nope! So I studied the book, faithfully did the exercises, and when I got to the 'turn the image upside down the spaces' exercise - and my attempt RESEMBLED the drawing -- I finally had a glimmer of hope that I could possibly learn to do this. And the passion was lit....

I kept drawing on and off for a few months; took Cathy Johnson's wonderful on-line classes - watercolor, sketching and more. And, encouraged by my friends on Flickr --- I began keeping a daily journal on line and sketching every day, no matter what. Though there are some gaps in my posting - like when I was overseas or away from home, I always sketched -- something.

And so today marks four years of doing so. Folks ask me if I ever got tired or bored or just too busy -- and I say -- 'yes' ... but having so many years behind me and far fewer in front of me before I leave this good earth -- the only way I believed I could improve my work was to devote a lot of time practicing.

I'm not nearly where I would like to be with drawing or painting - or writing for that matter. But I'll continue picking up the pencil, wetting the brushes, and learning as much as I can.

That "P" word -- PRACTICE -- well, from experience, I can only say -- it takes that -- often, frequently - and consistently.

But it also takes YOU, my Flickr friends - who have been encouraging me for these many years. And I offer this gentle rose in thanks for all you have helped me through - with your encouragement, kindness, generosity and suggestions.

My heartfelt thanks for being there with me - along this most intriguing and exciting journey!

Here's to another year! Wet Brushes -- Get Painting!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Brava, brava, BRAVA, Miss Lin,you are a constant inspiration!

  2. Happy anniversary, Lin! I'm so glad you took up the pencil/pen/brush and began your journey and that we get to follow along with you.

  3. Encore! What an inspirational story! And NO ONE will believe you've only been doing it for 4 odd years Lin! Well done. And I might just add that, the odds are, that you have as many years left as you have already lived!

  4. Lin,

    You are such an inspiration. I, too, have been admonished for things - laughing out loud in public, singing, and drawing. While I definitely would not sing where anyone other than myself could hear, the other two....

    Congrats on 4 years of blogging. I can only hope that my drawing skill will advance any where near as wonderfully as yours has.


  5. THANK YOU all so very very much!!! And yes, if I can improve over time, you will as well -- I SO KNOW it!!!

    Blessings for your kindness and a heartfelt and humble thank you!

  6. Congrats... what an accomplishment and very encouraging, too. I am in Cathy's current journal class and am looking forward to learning a LOT!

  7. I'm ohhhh sooo glad you didn't listen to ANYONE about drawing....that's what creativity truly is...a desire and it HAS to come out! I say, if you have a love of something DO IT!! (I'm giving you permission to sing too!!!)

    You do BEAUTIFUL WORK!! And I'm sooo glad you listened to your heart voice!!!!!!

  8. It always makes my day when I see a new post from Lin Frye. And now that I know this is something you recently started, WOW! Kudo's to you, thank you for being a wonderful inspiration.


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