Sunday, November 1, 2009

Breakfast is served! - Maree Clarkson

robins | worm-hunting | in the snow

A Twitter poem from WATERMARK

"Breakfast is served!" pencil sketch and watercolour in Visual Sketch-book

This little chap was giving me the beady eye, waiting for me to disappear so he could feed his young - aren't people just a nuisance?


  1. How do you create such a luscious painting that is really so minimal in lines and color? Beautiful!

  2. Thank you Lisa! Half the time it's because of the time factor in case he flies away, the other half of the time it's because I'm scared I'm going to mash it up with too much colour! I'm a great fiddler and have lately resorted to minimalism!

  3. I just discovered your lovely watercolors here, and I love your work! These are marvelous--you have such an expressive, lovely touch in your watercolors.

  4. Thanks for looking Brush, and thanks for the lovely comment!


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