Saturday, October 31, 2009

Autumn Leaves...sweet gum!

Sweet Gum Autumn

I hadn't had much time to journal lately, due to family pressures and gearing up for the new journal-keeping class I'm teaching online. But yesterday, those gorgeous leaves that had blown down in our near-gale-force winds spangled the neighborhood with bright, warm color. They really glowed, with the scudding blue-gray clouds!

People used to scrape the resin from the inner bark of Liquidambar and chew it like gum...hence, I suppose, the common name!

More about this fascinating, colorful tree HERE

And a lovely post from our own Laura Frankstone in this blog, HERE.


  1. A beauty, Kate! Love the colors and design. Don't you feel like one of your arms had been cut off when you can't put pen to pad? I get all out of sorts. Happy that you took time for relief :)

  2. GREAT colours Kate, and thanks for the 3-colour tip! Hope all goes well with Joseph's mom...

  3. I was indeed getting kinda cranky, Pam! I've decided even if I only have time for a tiny contour drawing, I need to DO it. And thank you, Maree...

  4. I love this, miss Kate , but am so sorry for all that you are going through. So glad you have art (and husband and friends!) as your lifeline. Take good care. Xoxo,

  5. Thank you sweet IS a lifeline! I won't get to busy to remember that, again.

  6. Love the twists and turns of the leaves. Makes such a beautiful and interesting drawing. I have not been able to get out much into the yard so my thoughtful husband brought me in a bouquet of leaves. I ooed and ahahed. Fall is just lovely—one of nature’s colorful gifts.


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