Monday, October 5, 2009

The High Sierra (again)

Work has been very intense lately. Most of my time is spent in front of the computer. So when my sister invited my husband and I to go on a hike with her I took a weekend and a day away from the computer and off we went to the Sierras.This hike had been planned for a while, but we did our hike on Sunday instead of Monday because the weather was scheduled to deteriorate. . You wouldn't know the weather was supposed to change. It was beautiful. Even at 10,000 feet it was about 75 degrees. I was able to make the whole hike this time. No waiting for my very advertursome sister and husband to come back after some steep climb up tilted trails, so I didn't have much time for drawing. We did take a couple of 20 minute breaks for lunch and then later for tea. I took advantage of the sitting time to draw as well as eat. (eating is very important to me, otherwise I would have spent the whole time drawing.) My sister told me that this hike would be all down hill. We would park a car at the end of the trail the night before and her friend would pick us up in the morning and drive us to the trailhead. Then we would pick up the friend's car on the drive back. All down hill. Ha Ha. The first part was all uphill with me making sarcastic comments all the way to the top. But when we got up there we were on top of the world. You could see forever. Then we started the downhill part. It was not all downhill, but mostly it was. We walked on the Mormon Emigrant trail. This is the trail over the Carson Pass that the gold seekers coming to California in 1848 used. The ruts are still there. Amazing. Further down the trail it is being used today as a 4-wheel drive road. There were deeper ruts on that part, but a part of me thinks it is cool it is still in use. We got to the car we left at the end of the trail at sunset. Perfect timing. And I was still able to walk. We hiked about 15 miles.

The other page in my journal has images from some of the other things we did over our weekend.

My sister called me one week after the hike to tell me there was 5 inches of snow in her backyard. It was a good thing we did the hike last weekend. The weather really did change.

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