Monday, October 5, 2009

Fungus - Elizabeth Smith

Fungus, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.

In my yard I found this interesting-looking mushroom; it looked just like a piece of pastry with a nibbly edge. I sat on the ground and did a quick sketch of it with my travel set of watercolors and aquabrushes.

I know very little about wild mushrooms beyond bracket fungi and morels, so I have no idea what kind this might be. In the amazing manner of synchronicity that runs through life like a silver thread, I had just watched a fascinating documentary on the Sundance Channel about fungi!

You can click on the image to view larger on my Flickr photostream.

~Elizabeth Smith, Naples, Florida, USA


  1. I've been spotting something similar in the park lately...a record rainy season so far. It's like finding jewels when something like this pops up!

  2. Beautiful detail. No chiggers or ants during your sit-down?? Lucky you!

  3. Amazing variety in fungi, isn't there? This one is delightful!

  4. Thanks so much!
    Jeanette, what a great image, they are just like jewels. We've had a lot of rain, too, but finally drying out.
    Pam - there were no chiggers, but we've had ants everywhere...inside, outside, just everywhere.
    Thanks Kate, I'm constantly astounded at the forms that fungi can take!


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