Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wild grape - Elizabeth Smith

Wild grape, originally uploaded by Elizabeth Smith.
A signal of summer's end, ripening fruit. It's hard to find signs of the changing seasons here in Florida, especially when the weather stays so hot through September. But... the mornings are a little darker, early temperatures a bit cooler, yellows and lavenders are the wildflower colors that dominate. Berries and fruits are maturing, and I have no doubt that the acorns are swelling as well!
Click on the image to see it larger on my Flickr photostream.
~ Elizabeth Smith, Naples, FL, USA


  1. Wow! What a beautiful style you have. Thanks

  2. A beauty of a page, Elizabeth! I was looking at vines in NY today. Too young of a vine for fruit but the leaves were tempting.

  3. A lovely sight! Especially since I seldom see any ripe wild grapes...tons of wild grape vines and green grapes, but I swear the animals have an early alert system to warn them I'm on my way to the woods with Ozzie and it's time to eat all the ripe grapes before I get a chance to scarf them up. They really don't need to worry; I don't want to paint them, I just want to SEE them! :-)


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