Sunday, September 6, 2009

Canna Leaves - Lin Frye

Canna Leaves
Originally uploaded by linfrye
Daily Practice

The blooms on the cannas are about gone, but those enormous, magnificently colored leaves remain a while longer. When the sunlight shines through them, they turn an incredible blend of yellow, chartruse, blue, wine .... I'm not crazy about the flowers, but the leaves ... well, that's another story!

A busy day yesterday. The demo at Jerry's was fun -- it's always interesting to see how other artists approach their work.

We finally picked our muscadine grapes and rendered those into jelly -- really good --- different than store-bought grape - the muscadine is almost sweet/tart in flavor - and the color reminds me of burgandy wine. My jelly closet is bulging and we haven't gotten to the persimmons yet this year! LOL

Temps have risen a bit again, sitting in the high 80s. Humidity is back, too. I suppose summer isn't quite done with us. Still, the changing light and the yellow leaves forewarn us that there isn't much left to the summer season. Hopefully, we'll finish the chores and get out in it a bit today ...Hope you do too!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Wonderfully painted and I loved your post, sounds like the beginning of fall here too

  2. Thank you both! Yes, fall's beginning, but some days are mighty warm!

  3. Wow - they do look gorgeous! You captured the light so nicely, too. A jelly closet! How cool, that I would love to see...I'll bet the colors are spectacular. A possible painting subject?

  4. Thank you Ricky and Elizabeth!!! Oh I wish the closet WERE colorful!! LOL I just reorganized it so I could find a particular jelly -- what I see when I open it? Gold jar tops! LOL They're double and tripled stacked! LOL

  5. oh oh, I saw this on facebook and thought it was Kate's. Really wonderful, Lin!


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