Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Nature Offers Weeds - Teri Casper

Sorry this is difficult to see but it is done with ink on handmade paper. When I look at it, my ink sketch and the paper work so well together, it is just amazing.

You can click on it to enlarge.

Monday was not a good day so in the afternoon I took a walk to the lake with sketchbook in hand and these weeds grabbed my attention.
As I sat in the chair overlooking the lake, there was a whole line of weeds against the skyline. Weeds never looked so good.

So I sketched them.
And I felt better.

And of course, here is the haiku that came to mind as I sat there:

I had to go sketch
And leave the world behind
Nature heals the soul


See the weedlinescape
Framing the lake beyond them
Beauty from nature

These came later:

Nature offers weeds
Don't let the weed word fool you
Weeds create wonder


Sketching in nature
Enjoy the inspiration
Post it and share it

I told you haiku has just been pouring out of me.


  1. So glad that you felt better; sketching helps me, too. I love the first haiku especially. Your paper and sketch are beautiful!

  2. I like the sketch and the haikus - it reminds us to see the beauty in something called a weed (which is just a flower in a place it is not wanted).


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