Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Feathers Left Behind - Teri Casper

While walking in the back yard I found the little white feather at the top of the page.

A soft white feather
Came floating into my life
Natures's gift today


I saw a feather
Now I see many feathers
Predator afoot.

So I put them both together and sketched them on tan paper in my handmade sketchbook.

I think it was a mourning dove.


  1. Good looking feathers, Teri. I've so been enjoying your bursts of Haiku and thought yesterdays weeds on the handmade paper was perfect. One man's weeds are another's beauty. I gravitate toward them all the time :)

  2. Thanks Pam. I really have been haiku crazy this last week. As someone said on my blog, 'weeds are just flowers without a pedigree'. Love it and oh so true.


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