Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sketching in Nature

Spent Flowers

I did a press release about our blog a week or so ago, which you can find on my original katequicksilver journal and then decided that for my monthly art demo at Olde English Garden Shoppe, I should demonstrate keeping a field journal. I chose the spiderwort by the back door that was past blooming, and the butterfly bush at the back of the garden--both of them spent, so I didn't have to worry about my models wilting as I worked. (It was HOT!) I always find there is much beauty in the whole process, from bud to dying flower to dried stalk...

I love doing this kind of illustration; I get lost in the colors and graceful shapes...


  1. Wow Kate, this is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful botanical sketch!!

  2. Kate you captured such wonderful colors and gesture..gorgeous.

  3. Plus it kept me entertained during the Art Crawl! Thanks, all...

  4. Lovely sketches! What a nice site with great sketching from all of you I've seen so far! Nice work!

  5. Those delicate greens are wonderful! Spent flowers can be so lovely; these have some beautifully descriptive movement.

  6. Thank you, Elizabeth! I love their subtlety...


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