Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon
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The days lately have run from high, humid temperatures, to rain, muggy days intermixed with sunshine, but somewhat cooler for our typical August - prime conditions for plant diseases. By now, the early planted spring plants are looking a bit tired and bedraggled, and the garden calls for attention.

But in between those 'tired' plants, a few, like this Rose of Sharon, are in the midst of blooming their hearts out. I have several shrubs in front of the property, and their morning-opened brightness is a fine welcome to our guests. I sat between two shrubs, despite the 90+F heat, and sketched this branch, all the while watching larger bees crawl in and out of the flowers - leaving with bundles upon bundles of pollen. Nope, I didn't see any of the honey bees this far from their nests --- yet. They seem to be enjoying the vitex tree shading one of their boxes.

By the time I had sketched, it had grown too hot to paint, and so I waited until later that night to return to the shrub. Surprise! The blossoms had curled up like umbrellas - wonderfully soft wee parasols, almost blue in their evening rest - bedecking this large bush. I had to laugh! So I returned the next morning to complete the painting.

While I really do enjoy this plant and welcome its annual showing, it is so well pollinated and adapts so well to various soils, that I literally find HUNDREDS of seedlings each fall and spring. I so wish it were a bit more 'discriminating' so I didn't have to spend so much time weeding it! LOL

Jams and preserves are finally done, it's a day of picking the remaining tomatoes, spraying for mildew, watering some of the dryer areas, and getting in one more painting before another busy work week.

Hope your Sunday is restive!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. This is a wonderful rendition of a famous flower. GOod job

  2. I love how the blossoms foiled your efforts in the evening! :)


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