Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Rebecca's Porch--LinFrye

Rebecca's Porch
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Plein Air

The crickets were already chirping by the time I dragged myself to Rebecca's last night. The constant throb of people, phones, meetings, musts were so intense that it took a while before I could relax enough to THINK about painting. I sat on Rebecca's porch, enclosed and screened from the persistent mosquitoes, and sketched the view from the window. By the time I had begun to apply the final touches of paint, not even the light on the porch was strong enough to discern the values. So I cleaned up my corner, retreated to my bedroom, and added a dash or two of color to make the needed value adjustments.

Rebecca's garden extends from outdoors (perennials, annuals, shrubs, flowering trees, a HUGE vegetable garden), to plants like the asparagas fern and geraniums on her porch, to indoors with vases of flowers and a Grow-Light and windowsill plantings. It's a pleasure to be surrounded by such beauty and to stay with someone who loves plants as much as I do!

My granddaughter starts kindergarten this morning. My gracious, I remember the day she was born, rocking her through bouts of colic, watching her take her first steps -- can she be 5 years old already???

I'll be thinking of her all day ...

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Wonderfully full of peace, beauty and light!

  2. What a lovely place, Lin--I'm so glad you have such an inspiring and healing place to stay during the week!

  3. Beautiful painting and quite a touching reflection about your grandaughter as well. I just love geraniums so I was quite drawn to this page.


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