Friday, August 28, 2009

Muscadine Grapes--Lin Frye

Muscadine Grapes
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Daily Practice

During our walks around the neighborhood, C and I try to notice some of the changing aspects of the natural world all around us. This year, we found the muscadine vines that drape many of our roadside trees, just FILLED with grapes.

The vines have been there a long time, but in the 15 years we've lived here, I can't recall seeing such a quantity of grapes. They've just begun to ripen too - and standing beneath them, I can spot every color from a yellow-green, to red-gold, to purple to almost black. Tasty too, I might add! LOL

In the years prior to this when I spent more time collecting wild edibles, I remember using Euell Gibbon's books as references for recipes. He has a wonderful pie recipe using wild grapes that truly tastes like a cherry pie. I've made jelly and juice before as well, and I've crafted those long, flexible vines into terrific baskets.

This year, though, my jam cabinet is full and I think I'll just enjoy the grapes out of hand during our walks -- an incentive, I think, to walk a bit further! LOL

The trip yesterday -- FABULOUS! The food -- out of this world! The company - so very enjoyable! We went to Elodie Farms again ( - a farm I love and have visited for their porch dinners, to have the grands feed the goats, and for so many of our plein air outings. This was the first time many of our Arboretum guests have been to a goat farm and have been exposed to the idea of agri-tourism. To say they enjoyed themselves it is truly an understatement. We've been asked to make this trip an annual event!! Educational and Fun!

Local food, farm tours, and the like are so much becoming a sustainable way for folks to remain on the land. I wholeheartedly support them and encourage our students to think how to diversify their love of the land and being out of doors when they begin their own green business. Yesteday's meal consisted of eggs, tomatoes, goat cheese, herbs -- all grown at Elodie. Their freshness and richness could not be denied!

We're in for some rain today, though Hurricane Danny is supposed to stay off our coastline. We do need the rain and the cloudy sky makes the day even more restive.

Have a great day!

Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. Luminous, Miss Lin! I love muscadine jelly...and yes, I think I first learned about them from Euell, myself!

  2. Lovely color variations and translucency in those grapes! Ours are ripening now, but a different species; they seem to go from green to a deep indigo-black.

  3. i saw this alredy on Lin'slog and I LOVVVE it!!

  4. Wow, it is just gorgeous Lin!!! Those grapes look good enough to eat right off that vine.

  5. Beautiful painting. I didn't know muscadine grapes were so varying in their colours. How pretty. Like little jewels.

  6. Lin I can believe I missed and my computer are not on the same page.hahah. This is beautifullll!!!!


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