Monday, August 10, 2009


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Daily Practce
Plein Air Sketch

Our figs are finally ripening enough to harvest! YAHOO! There is something so wonderful about fresh figs -- their sweet pulp and soft seeds are mighty welcome! We eat them out of hand, made into jams, and C fashions an incredible Portabello Mushroom and fig recipe served over rice ..! Sweet and savory at the same time!

We have only five small bushes -- two English and two Brown Turkey. The English are a bit small this year -- I would guess from the last few years of drought, and yet they ripen first. Our Brown Turkeys are just ripening, and are somewhat larger. Our fifth shrub is from Sicily --- a gift from a friend many years ago. It has languished with the weather issues we've had, and the deer seem to nibble it severely each year -- but THIS year, it seems to have finally taken off and is covered with figs as well. They won't be ready for harvest until another ten days or so.

I sketched this early yesterday morning - but even at that time, the sun was high overhead and the humidity was oppressive. When the perspiration from my face kept dripping onto my sketchpad and staining the paper, I decided to paint it from memory indoors! Temps reached 99F, but the humidity was the worst -- rivaling the temperatures for highest numbers -- ugh.


Lin Frye
North Carolina


  1. I share your angst with the weather. It's been so hot down here in Florida, and humid, and quite rainy lately.

    The figs are gorgeous, you are blessed to have talent in both growing and painting! I wonder if the deer like the figs as well as the foliage?

  2. My figs are ripening here too. I have some green figs on the go. Do you think you could email my flickr account your portabello and mushroom recipe? Yum!


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