Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kohlrabi To Sketch and Eat

I wanted to sketch a kohlrabi so I went to the Farmer's market and bought one to take home. I sketched it (with all its little shoots), then cooked it and ate it. It was yummy.
I have never eaten one before so it was an all-around experience.
Have a great Saturday everyone.


  1. Teri.......WOW! I've never heard of one that I can remember let alone eat it. Is it a turnip?

  2. I think it is in the turnip family (and I dont' like turnips) but this has a mild flavor. I really like these and will have more.

  3. I always think this veggie looks like it came from outer space! But I, too, love the taste! Thanks for the reminder!


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