Saturday, July 25, 2009

Announcements Mr Wren Style

On this gorgeous Saturday, sunny with a wonderful breeze waving the leaves, I've been going through images in my sketchbooks, trying to finish them up with what ever completion I decide is fitting. And while doing so, I ran across "Mr. Wren''.
He is finished and delights me. He reminded me of how much I love birds and watching their behavior. And if it is a bird I've seen many times, I learn more about them and their personalities with each encounter.
On the day of this sketch, I was sitting in Red-shouldered hawk territory, patiently waiting for hawk action, having been previously given hawk-style instructions that this spot was okay but the neighboring nest yard was not. While I waited, Mr. Wren appeared with this twig in his mouth chirping. Not only did he parade around on the patio searching here and there, holding it high in his beak, he landed on the iron fence and sang about it in all directions.
The more you watch birds while walking, sipping coffee, with camera in hand or a paint brush or while simply relaxing, the more they will join you, entertain, invite you to smile and give you tiny glimpses into their avian world of enchantment.


  1. Vickie, this is just fabulous!!!! Love the perkiness of that wren.

  2. Vickie,
    Thanks for this, and for luring me to this
    group. Your sketch is delightful. I catalogue
    birds for the Cornell University "Backyard
    Birdwatch" program (@November-April), and will
    want to join in. THANK YOU!
    Jenny Hunter Groat (usually known for abstracts
    but I also do realistic work sometimes, and
    always have.)

  3. Vickie, I love these little guys - especially your renderings! You've captured them so wonderfully. It always amazes me that so much song can come out of such a small bird.

  4. Fantastic! I love the pose of that birdie - so feisty and assured. Well done!

  5. Just lovely, Vickie! Wrens are endlessly fascinating!

  6. WHAT A GREAT JOB! I always love that jaunty tail!

  7. nice work, keep up the great art!

  8. Wonderful capture of the wren's attitude!

  9. What a lovely sketch Vickie! You never cease to amaze with your paintings! Well done.

  10. Simply stunning! You've truly captured one of my very favorite birds!


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