Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This Banksia is from the local Landcare Area that I garden at on Sunday mornings. This past Sunday there were seven of us weeding the land.Banksia are such unusual and beautiful plants. I did not realise how many of them there are, or the wide variety , until I had to look this up to find out what is actually was.
I am not brave enough to sketch there yet. I sketch in public, but these friends don’t know much about my art. So instead of sketching ‘in’ nature, I took a piece of nature home with me to sketch. This example was one of the few flowers in bloom as most were dead and black. But – it was broken off at the branch, so I did not feel so guilty cutting it off to take home.

It looked a little overwhelming to draw, but I approached it a layer at a time and it worked out quite well. I decided not to add any black ink as I thought it might be too much and ruin a nice plant.


  1. You did such a nice job on this and it is such an interesting plant.

  2. Hi Alissa, how beautiful - I am soo impressed ! How did you manage the layering approach ?
    Greetings from Munich, KarinH


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